Attending the HHI symposium Melbourne December 8-9th.

It was with an open mind, I stepped through the doorway to the HHI Expo held at the Melbourne Convention and exhibition centre, Sat 8th and Sunday 9th December 2018, and to be honest I had a brief struggle to keep myself from immediately closing my mind, as a number of other attendees strode past me in their tie dye clothes, but behind them we saw families, young and older couples and individuals from the whole spectrum of Australian society chatting, trying hemp products, and just generally enjoying themselves.

The main over whelming feeling I took from the expo after watching all of the guest speakers and visiting the great stalls was one of the passion of the Exhibitors and Speakers, for Hemp and Cannabis products, but even more so was the Compassion for anyone who needs to use the qualities of the amazing Hemp/Cannabis plants.

it was hard to believe that with the stroke of a pen after a parliamentary vote back in the 1930's a staple drug of the Australian medical profession was wiped from the prescription board and made illegal. A drug that until then had been readily available by prescription for dozens of common complaints.

Now Why you must be wondering, would an IT company want to be part of the emerging Hemp/Cannabis Industry, we asked ourselves that question, and the answer was confirmed by our time at the Expo and the people we met and spoke with.

The staff at Canna IT, coming from Corporate/Enterprise IT vendors and suppliers for a large number of years want to allow the existing and emerging business's to grow and succeed to allow that compassion to help others and make their business successful, and we at Canna IT know all too well that without help a large percentage of business's fall foul to regulations regarding IT Security, DATA Compliance.

Unfortunately to many business's ignore IT until it is to late or allow their IT needs dictate how they do business rather that the IT systems supporting the business and allowing staff to concentrate on the real jobs rather than worrying about the Cloud, security, backups and storage of information for 5 + years.

Philip Murray

Senior Technology Consultant / Architect

ITIL Certified / AWS Certified Practitioner

HPE Matrix Master Installer

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